Dental Cleaning for kids

What’s the teeth cleaning process for Kids?

The staff at Smile Profile Family Dentistry are highly trained to provide the best comfort for them throughout the teeth cleaning process. Children are very visual. The pediatric dentist will first tell the child what we are going to do followed by a demonstration and then proceeds to start the teeth cleaning process.  

Depending on the age of the child, we follow the American Dental Association and American Pediatric Dental Association’s recommendations. Our kid's dental hygienist will inspect the health of your tooth and gums. The kid's dental hygienist will begin with a tooth scraper to remove plaque from the teeth. With tiny dental tools, the dental hygienist will brush and floss your kid's teeth. Our kid's dental hygienist or pediatric dentist will also give instructions how to maintain healthy teeth such brushing, flossing and proper teeth cleaning habits.

We recommend visiting our dental office twice a year for regular checkup and cleaning to prevent cavities and other teeth related issues that might occur.